Knowing the types of lifestyle

Lifestyle has become one of the common terms today, some diseases such as lung cancer, stroke and coronary artery disease are attributed to our lifestyle.

What are the types of lifestyle? The concept of lifestyle is one of the concepts of social sciences that has received a lot of attention recently. For thousands of years, humans have tried to know and manage their way of life, and even governments try to influence the way of life of their people. But defining lifestyle and conceptualizing it is relatively new. The way of life becomes important because it can directly affect a person's health. Imagine a person who does not care about his nutrition. The continuation of such a situation will make him face overweight and related problems. In the following, we have talked more about the types of lifestyle.

What is lifestyle?

Lifestyle means the specific way of life of an individual, group, or society. Lifestyles include a set of values, ways of behaving, moods and tastes in anything and can refer to the interests, opinions, behaviors and behavioral orientation of a person, group or culture. People's lifestyle and the path they choose for themselves has a deep connection with their success in life. Click to learn more about success in life.

Since it is not possible to observe human behavior always and everywhere, many researchers prefer to examine people's choices in their daily life as a second-hand sign of various lifestyles instead of people's behaviors.

Types of lifestyles

Adler, one of the prominent psychologists, introduced 4 styles of life and believed that people choose one of these styles to deal with the problems they have in life such as work, love, marriage and relationships with others:

Dominant or Ruler: These people have little social interest; They directly attack others, give orders and become tyrannical or delinquent.

Recipient: Most people choose this lifestyle. People of this category expect to get everything from others and thus become dependent on them.

Avoidance: These people do not make any effort to face the problems of life and by avoiding problems, they distance themselves from any possibility of failure. Choosing this type of lifestyle has a lot to do with avoidant personality disorder.
All three types of lifestyles above lack social interest.

Socially useful: These people are able to cooperate with others and cope with life's problems within the framework of social interests.

Socially useful: These people are able to cooperate with others and cope with life's problems within the framework of social interests.

Types of lifestyle | What is meant by social interest?

People with social interest in every field of life try to move in the direction of society's goals. These people choose their interests along with the interests of society. Their choices not only improve themselves, but also improve the society. Social interest is related to concepts such as cooperation, social relations, group identity, empathy, etc. Social interest does not develop by itself.

A person should grow up in a healthy family atmosphere, in this case a sense of cooperation, mutual respect, trust, support and understanding will develop in him. People who have a socially beneficial lifestyle, often have well-developed communication styles.

The role of different lifestyles in health and disease prevention

We all worry about our health and our family's health every day, and we use strategies to achieve our health and well-being, such as going to the doctor or doing periodic tests and checkups. But unaware of the fact that one of the important causes of human diseases is related to our lifestyle. Modifying the lifestyle in its general sense, psychologically and physically, can be one of the best ways to prevent the occurrence of various diseases in humans. Fortunately, today, with the increase in society's information, more people are willing to check the health of their lifestyle, and clinics and counseling centers are expanding in developed countries.

Some advice for a better way of life

By following and using these methods, your lifestyle will change. If you give up some habits, life will be better. Here are seven very small lifestyle habits that will give you peace of mind:

When you wake up, make your bed.

Put everything in its place. It doesn't matter what you use during the day, the important thing is to put everything in its place.

Pick up the trash before bed.

Write down your daily schedule. Some people make long lists of their future plans and get no response. It's better to remember that you don't need to write minor tasks on it.

Knowing the types of lifestyle