Capilano Vancouver Suspension Bridge

One of the most amazing places to visit is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The bridge is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is the best adventure spot in Vancouver, dating back 130 years. In this park, there is one of the longest and highest escalators in the world, which is definitely not suitable for people who are afraid of heights. This pedestrian bridge was built in 1889 with hemp rope and cypress boards at a height of 70 meters above the Gharan Capilano River and is 137 meters long.

Park Bridge Suspended

Top Tree Adventure

Another scary attraction of Capilano Park is the Treetops Adventure, which includes seven suspension bridges 33 meters above the forest. Those interested can also try the Cliffwalk, which is a solid route with a number of narrow console bridges, steps and platforms. Admission to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park starts at $ 41 for adults.

Top Tree Adventure

Capilano Suspension Bridge entrance

At the entrance to the park you will see a number of standing pillar totems that symbolize the indigenous people who consider this area as their home. The Capilano River is part of the ancestral land of the Squamish, a Vancouver Indigenous tribe. The original name of the river Kia’palano (Kia’palano) means “beautiful river” and also the name of one of the rulers of Squamish. The totems in the park have different dimensions and antiquity and are prominent examples of Native American West Coast art and culture.
capillary suspension bridge entrance

rock climbing route

The most recent addition to the park in 2011 is the Cliffwalk. This suspension trail comes out in a semicircle from the rocky cliffs on the west side of the river, and if you are not afraid of heights, you can enjoy the view of the river, the bridge and the forest. The rock climbing route is so strong that it can withstand a weight of 45 tons, so experience this exciting hike safely.
capillary rock climbing route

fence of birds of prey

One of Capilano's unique sights is the Raptor Ridge. This bird fence is located at the south end of the west side of the park and birds of prey can be seen in it. In this maple fence, there are 28 species of rehabilitated and trained birds of prey. Training programs and projects for protection measures are also held in this center.
fence birds of prey

Wooden way

Walking through the Nature’s Edge Boardwalk, you can walk to the eastern part of the park and from there watch the bridge and the beautiful forest scenery. At certain times of the day, free tours will accompany you on this tour to give you information about the forest and its plant and animal species. Placards along the route regularly urge tourists to pay attention to environmental issues related to water and non-recyclable waste.
wood way

Capilano Vancouver Suspension Bridge