Everything about fashion

We intend to introduce you to the basic and practical concepts of the fashion world, also provide you with information about the history of fashion.

One of the most popular and popular industries in the world is the fashion industry. Every day, big brands and companies are trying to offer a new and different product so that they can dominate their style in the market. In this article, we talk to you about fashion in today's world and the important points of this global industry.

What is fashion?

Fashion is a common style of wearing clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and even home decoration. However, the term fashion is mostly applied to a unique habit of dressing. Everything that is known as fashion today is usually made available to the common people by companies, fashion industries and media. Fashion is often described in male and female aspects, and in certain periods and places, it is said to be a form of self-expression and autonomy.

Fashion history

If we define fashion as "the art of creating and choosing unique wearables", we have to go back 200 years ago for its history. Although over time, the concept of fashion has expanded to other items such as jewelry, bags, shoes, etc., however, the first origin of fashion design begins in 1826. It is believed that "Charles Frederick Worth" was the world's first fashion designer who worked from 1826 to 1895. In fact, Charles is introduced as one of the first people who started the way of creating "fashion houses" and told his customers what kind of clothes are suitable for them.

At this time, a number of design houses began to hire artists to prepare clothing patterns. Patterns were provided to customers and orders were placed under the sewing machine based on the customer's interest. It was during this period that the tradition of providing patterns to customers and tailoring them was introduced instead of the previous system of fully sewn or used garments. , began. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first new developments in fashion took place in Paris and from there it spread to other parts of the world. New clothing designs were born in Paris before they made their way to other parts of the world. In other words, Paris was known as the "fashion capital". Fashion in this period was introduced as "Haute Couture" and was designed exclusively for special people.

History of fashion

In the middle of the 20th century, the clothes of the fashion industry reached mass production. Production increased and people had more options to choose from. In the late 20th century, fashion awareness increased among people and they chose clothes based on their comfort and style instead of trusting the prevailing trends in the market.

Terms of the fashion world

In the fashion industry, there are specific words to describe different situations. Here we introduce you to some practical terms of the fashion world.

Formal - Casual term

Formal and casual are two common terms in the fashion industry that have opposite meanings. In fact, formal means formal dressing and casual means wearing comfortable clothes. To describe casual, you can also use the term "everyday clothes".

Formal - Casual term

Catwalk term

If you follow different fashion shows, you are definitely familiar with the platform where the models walk on to show the clothes. This collection and platform is called catwalk. In the past, catwalk platforms were usually designed in T shape. With the expansion of creativity among fashion designers, the way the catwalk is presented has also changed. In the days of Corona, fashion designers were forced to hold their catwalks online.

Catwalk Term

Term Trend

This word means the latest, most up-to-date and most common clothing. Of course, sometimes the trend is said to be the latest fashion that is supposed to be presented soon but has not yet come to the market.

Vintage term

Vintage is an old design that has fallen out of popularity over the years, but after a while it returns to the fashion industry and finds many fans.

Vintage Term

Term Avant Grade

In a general sense, it talks about breaking stereotypes. In the world of fashion, this term is said to mean stepping into a new and creative world for designing clothes and makeup. Currently, many fashion designers are trying to use the word avant-garde for their name, brand or products by creating strange and different covers.

Everything about fashion