8 of the most luxurious and modern hotels in the world

In this article, our team will introduce you to 8 of the most luxurious and modern hotels in the world in general, we hope you enjoy.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the users of 8 of the most luxurious and modern hotels in the world. Would you like to know where these hotels are located? And why have they been named the most modern hotels in the world? And who are the artist designers of these hotels? So stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Hotel Habita Monterey (Monterey, Mexico)

Hotel Habita Monterey

Modernism can easily be found in the Habitat structure at the Habita Hotel. The interior of the hotel was designed by Rick Owens. In addition, the swan-like chairs are decorated by the famous designer Arne Jacobsen. The style of minimalism can be seen in the interior decoration of the hotel with white, black and gray colors.

Hotel Kobe (Paris, France)

Hotel Kobe (Paris, France)

Another of the most modern hotels in the world is the unusual 4-star hotel in the heart of Paris, located between the Saint Martin Canal and the Montmartre, Kobe Paris. This popular 18th century hotel and wonder can be found in the heart of a region of all kinds of cultures around the world. At Hotel Martin you can experience unique nature with luxurious facilities.

Theater Hotel (Aporto, Portugal)

Theatre Hotel (Aporto, Portugal)

The Bronze and Gold Theater Hotel shines in Porto, Portugal. Designed by renowned designer Nina Andrad Silva, this hotel seamlessly combines theater and urbanity.

Mira Hotel Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Mira Hotel Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Mira Hotel Hong Kong, which is located in Shasui. This hotel has chairs with Arne Jockeson's egg design. The rooms of one of the most modern hotels in the world are painted in red, green, silver or purple, giving guests the opportunity to choose between different colors.

Yas Hotel (Abu Dhabi)

Jasmine Hotel (Abu Dhabi)

Located in the beautiful waters of Abu Dhabi Marina, Yas Hotel has the largest LED display in the world and was recently ranked among the top hotels in the world. The hotel has two separate buildings that provide spectacular views at night. The overall design of Yas Hotel is to evoke speed, movement and movement.

Town Hall Hotel & Apartment (London, England)

Town Hall Hotel & Apartments (London, England)

The Town Hall is located in the former town hall of Batten Green in east London. The hotel incorporates contemporary design while preserving historical elements. The Town Hall offers a collection of spacious chic bedrooms and spectacular suites, and the Corner Room Restaurant, located on the first floor of the hotel. This modern hotel invites guests to an unforgettable dining experience in its welcoming and bright environment.

Semiramis (Athens, Greece)

Semiramis (Athens, Greece)

Semiramis envisions a bright future in an ancient city. This hotel was created by designer Karim Rashid and is built in bright pink, green, orange and yellow colors. Samirais Hotel offers a variety of vibrant colors to its customers.

Hotel Lamonai (La Rochelle, France)

Lamonai Hotel (La Rochelle, France)

The art on display at the hotel changes and is updated every few months to give guests a different look and feel. Surrounded by France's largest recreational pier, this hotel is a great time to relax and take a walk in the old town of La Rochelle or for a day at the spa.

8 of the most luxurious and modern hotels in the world