Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world

Hyperion is a tree native to California with a height of 115.85 meters and is recognized as the tallest tree in the world from the sequoia family.

The tallest tree in the world today, nicknamed Hyperion, is part of the evergreen sequoia trees on Redwood National Park in California, USA. The exact location of the hyperion tree was kept a secret for a long time to prevent possible damage to the tree. If you want to know more about the tallest tree in the world, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Profile of the world's tallest tree

The height of this tree in 2006 was 115 meters and by 2021 it will be about 118 meters, which is twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York City! Increased. This tree has a diameter of 4.94 meters and an estimated dry mass of 209 metric tons (230 tons in the United States). The hyperion tree also has the deepest crown (from the top of the tree to the trunk, where the foliage begins) of the world's trees, about 90 meters. The age of hyperion trees is estimated between 600 and 800 years. It is worth noting that the tallest tree in the world is located on a hillside and not a flat alluvial. 96% of the surrounding areas are also covered with red coastal trees.
Hyperion Profiles

Discover the world's tallest tree

The hyperion tree was discovered by American naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor in late August 2006 in a remote part of Redwood National Park in California. Using professional laser measuring equipment, the two found that they had found a tree above the stratosphere giant (the world's tallest former tree). Despite the damage done by the woodpeckers, the height of the Hyperion in 2006 was set at 115.72 meters, which was more than 3 meters higher than the previous record holder.

After Atkins and Taylor announced the discovery, a team of Humboldt University researchers led by ecologist Stephen Silt made more accurate measurements in September 2006. The measurement process, which involved climbing to the highest branch and dropping a tape measure down a tree, was filmed by the National Geographic Group. This was not easy, because the lowest branches of the tree are at a height equal to the 25th floor of a skyscraper! Eventually, the results of the measurement operation confirmed that the world's tallest tree had been replaced.
Discover the world's tallest tree

Hyperion continues to grow

The hyperion tree is named after one of the gods of Titan in Greek mythology. "Hyperion" (Ὑπερίων) in ancient Greek means "supreme". The tallest tree in the world is still relatively young and actively growing. It is estimated to be about 600 years old, and if we assume it is a human, it is about 20 years old. A typical red sequoia tree lives between 500 and 700 years. However, some of them are more than 2000 years old. Therefore, the hyperion tree is likely to remain a wonder for centuries to come.
The world's tallest tree continues to grow

The tallest tree in the world is only one step away from death

There is an interesting story about the survival of the tallest tree in the world, and Hyperion was once saved from being cut down by pure luck. Just 100 meters from the tree is the ruined wasteland formed during the deforestation process in the 1970s. By 1978, more than 90 percent of the area's ancient forests had been cut down. Where Hyperion was found, there were actually many trees of similar height, and a significant number of them were even larger and taller than Hyperion.

Fortunately, in the midst of the process of cutting down these trees, the US government under Jimmy Carter's bought the valley where Hyperion is located and annexed it to Redwood National Park. In fact, at the last minute, this incredibly tall tree was saved for future generations.
beautiful hyperion

final word

Preserving amazing trees like Hyperion is still a big concern. Although these types of trees existed before humans entered these valleys, their declining numbers are very worrying. After deforestation by logging industries, only 4% of Redwood's ancient forests remain, and the number of these massive trees continues to decline. Fair and calculated tree planting and logging programs can be effective in preventing the destruction of these ancient trees so that the tallest tree in the world can continue to grow safely!

Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world